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Road Safety for Cyclists

The sight of a lone bicycle in the middle of a busy road or highway is terrifying for motorists and passengers alike. Bikes are a quick and cheap way to travel from point A to point B, and can even go to places where regular vehicles cannot. However, its ease of use has also led …

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A Simple Guide to Self-defense

The world is not without its dangers, and all people, regardless of sex or age, stand to benefit from learning basic self-defense tactics. You need to be able to defend yourself if someone physically threatens you. It sounds like a difficult subject to tackle, but violence exempts no one. If you’re a victim of abuse, …

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A Basic Look at Child Custody Laws

Colorado is notable for its unique child custody laws because of the state’s ‘child-first’ approach to custody hearings. The Centennial State makes its decisions on child custody cases based on the best interest of the child, with the child being seen not as an asset to be distributed, but as a human being in need …

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